#tweegram #attention #Men #Male #Man #PublicServiceAnnouncement   (Taken with Instagram)

#tweegram #attention #Men #Male #Man #PublicServiceAnnouncement (Taken with Instagram)


Women vs. Mechanics/Cars [Must Read]

I’m tired of hearing these stories of mechanics getting over on women. Here are some tips to call their bluff. 1. Make a fake phone call. Act as if your talking to someone that knows the price is too much & walk out. Guarantee the price drops 2. Better yet simply get out your smart phone and google the parts the mechanic says you need for your car right in front of him. Then show him the price you found. 

If you are in a relationship it is the mans responsibility to keep you from having to do all this. If he won’t another man will. 



Men have given women enough reasons to cry. What is the point in y’all watching #LifeTime?